Sessions & Keynotes


Session Management

Automated Session Management & Your Choice of Conferencing Solutions

Automates session registration and management giving the event host the freedom to select the conferencing technology of their choice to deliver the right message to the right audience with the right service.

Session Post

Post the session with session details, the speaker, and how to access the call.

Easy Registration

Register attendees in advance or provide 1-click session registration.

Agenda Page

Post a session and have it automatically appear on the agenda page.

Speaker Profile

Create profiles of speakers & session leaders with bios and samples of their work.

Attendee Calendar

Sessions are added to the attendee calendar and can be added to other calendars.

Event Calendar

Display an event calendar with sessions automatically added when they are posted.

Session Reminders

attendees via email or text.  Reminders set by the host or attendee.

Session Reports

Shows how often the attendee viewed the session and when they registered.